Ananya Chatterjee Chakraborti is a filmmaker, television journalist, writer and activist based in Calcutta, India. Ananya's areas of specialisation are Gender and Human Rights. Ananya is a member of Vikalp (an association of film-makers who are opposed to any form of censorship), IAWRT (International Association for Women in Radio and Television, Norway), NWMI (Network for Women in Media, India), Bengal Network and PIPFPD (Pakistan Indian People's Forum for Peace and Democracy).

Current Activities

Football for Freedom

Currently working on a film on "football therapy" an initiative taken by Jabala to help the survivors rehabilitate and return to their normal lives as best as possible. This film is a sequel to the last feature documentary film 'Understanding Trafficking'. A football match was held between the girls of Jabala football team and Kolkata police (women's team), at the mounted police ground on 22nd of November 2010. View glimpses of the film
Ananya is currently seeking completion funds for the film. Do contact Ananya for details.

A football match was organized by Cinemawoman between the girls of Jabala and the Kolkata police (women's team), which was held at the mounted police ground on the 22nd of November 2010. View glimpses of the film

Cinemawoman released a book on media guidelines on reporting on trafficking at the Kolkata Press Club.

4 anti-trafficking spots that are used widely by NGOs across the state.

Understanding Trafficking' (2010)

Legend goes, there is a magical line that Laxman drew around Sita, which no woman is supposed to cross. If any woman dared to cross the magical line, she would risk being kidnapped by Ravan the demon.
Women have for centuries been discouraged to cross the line, to remain indoors, and within limits. The lines and limits of their existence have always been defined by patriarchy. So what happens if a woman does cross the line? By circumstances, through need, or just by a desire to dare the magical line?   Read Review

Winner of 3 Awards
1) UNFPA Ladli Media National Award (Best Documentary)
2) National Film Award (President's Medal) (silver Lotus) (Best Documentary on social issues)
3) Tiburon International Film Festival, California : Humanitarian Award